How To Make Dog in Little Alchemy

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How To Make Dog in Little Alchemy

How To Make Dog in Little Alchemy

Crafting a dog in Little Alchemy is fun and easy. This guide will walk you through the steps to create your virtual dog companion. You need to start with the basic 4 elements of the game (Earth, Air, Fire and Water).

There are total 16 steps of the process of how to make Dog in little alchemy. Each step in making a dog helps you learn how to combine elements and encourages you to experiment with different combinations. So, let’s have fun creating your digital dog!

Step 1: Water + Air = Rain

Step 2: Rain + Earth = Plant

Step 3: Water + Earth = Mud

Step 4: Plant + Mud = Swamp

Step 5: Fire + Air = Energy

Step 6: Swamp + Energy = Life

Step 7: Earth + Life = Human

Step 8: Fire + Earth = Lava

Step 9: Lava + Air = Stone

Step 10: Air + Stone = Sand

Step 11: Fire + Sand = Glass

Step 12: Glass + Sand = Time

Step 13: Plant + Time = Tree

Step 14: Tree + Tree = Forest

step 15: Forest + Life = Wild Animal

step 16: Human + Wild Animal = Dog

Create Other Elements from Dog:

You have created the Dog elements now, now you can combine it with other elements to create new items. Here are some combinations to create other elements from “Dog:

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