How To Make Paper in Little Alchemy

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How To Make paper in Little Alchemy

How to make Paper in little alchemy?

In Little Alchemy, every mix of elements brings new amazing elements. Whether you’re new to alchemy or a pro player, these steps are created for everyone’s enjoyment. Each step is designed to be fun and easy to understand.

There are total 18 steps involved in the process of how to make paper in little alchemy. Let’s discuss each step below:

Step 1: Water + Air = Rain

Step 2: Rain + Earth = Plant

Step 3: Water + Earth = Mud

Step 4: Plant + Mud = Swamp

Step 5: Fire + Air = Energy

Step 6: Swamp + Energy = Life

Step 7: Earth + Life = Human

Step 8: Fire + Earth = Lava

Step 9: Lava + Air = Stone

Step 10: Air + Stone = Sand

Step 11: Fire + Sand = Glass

Step 12: Glass + Sand = Time

Step 13: Fire + Stone = Metal

Step 14: Human + Metal = Tool

step 15: Plant + Time = Tree

Step 16: Time + Tree = Wood

Step 17: Air + Air = Pressure

Step 18: Wood + Pressure = Paper

Create Other Elements from Paper:

You can combine paper with other elements to create new items. Here are some combinations, you can try:

Feel free to experiment with these combinations and discover even more elements in Little Alchemy!

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