How to Make Metal in Little Alchemy

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How to Make Metal in Little Alchemy

How to make metal in little alchemy

Little Alchemy is a perfect world in which you can convert your imagination into practical and real elements by using science, magic, and imagination. You can combine simple elements and make hundreds of interesting elements. Different combinations in this game open up endless possibilities. Metal is one of the most important things and key ingredients with immense potential that you can make. In this guide, we will discuss easy-to-follow steps of how to make metal in little alchemy.

It all starts with four simple and basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. These elements are like building blocks in the game. When you combine them, you discover new items. This guide focuses on making metal, which opens up many possibilities in the game. Whether you’re new or experienced, this guide helps you understand and enjoy the game better. Let’s start our journey of making metal, and other items that can be made by using metal element.

Steps of how to make metal in little alchemy?

Creating metal in Little Alchemy is an exciting journey and super easy that begins with the fusion of basic elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) in the game. This process involves combining various elements in specific sequences to create something new and valuable. The art of making metal in this game requires a careful combination of air, fire, water, and earth, each step contributing to the creation of this essential element.

There are a total of three simple steps of how to make metal in little alchemy, let’s start creating a metal from scratch. The detail of each step is as below:

First Step: Create Lava

Lava is the hot, molten substance found in volcanoes and it holds a special importance in little alchemy game. Our first step of how to make metal in little alchemy is to make a lava element. Follow the below steps:

  • Select and drag the earth element from the right side of the game to the playing area of the game.
  • Now drag the fire element from the sidebar to the game-playing board.
  • Select the earth element and drop it onto the fire element, it will be converted into lava.

Earth + Fire = Lava

Second Step: Create a Stone

Stone is another essential element in the game, which acts as the building block for the creation of several other important elements. And our second step of how to make metal in little alchemy is to make the stone item. Let’s do this:

  • First select the air element from the right side and drag it to the playing area of the game.
  • Now pick the lava element (which you have created in the first step) from the sidebar onto the playing board.
  • Now select and place the air element onto the lava item, the fusion of these two elements will create the stone element.

 Air + Lava = Stone

Last Step: Create Metal

Excellent! You are doing amazingly well and completed the two steps. Now let’s move to our final step of how to make metal in little alchemy, which is to make the metal.

  • At first locate the fire element (the basic element of the game), and drag in into the playing area.
  • Now locate and drag the stone element (you have created in the previous step) into the playing area of the game.
  • Choose and place the fire element onto the stone element. As the two elements interact with each other, results in the creation of metal.

Metal = Fire + Stone

Make other Elements from Metal:

  • Tool: Combine Metal and Human to create a Tool.
  • Blade: Combine Metal and Stone to craft Blade.
  • Armor: Combine Metal and Human to make Armor.
  • Plow: Combine Metal and Earth to create a Plow.
    Steam Engine: Mix Metal and Steam to produce a Steam Engine.
  • Gold: Combine Metal and philosopher Stone to craft Gold.
  • Steel: Combine Metal and Coal to create Steel.
  • Robot: Mix Metal and Life to craft a Robot.
  • Sword: Combine Blade and Metal to create a Sword.
  • Gun: Combine Metal and Bullet to craft a Gun.

Importance of Metal

Metals are crucial in today’s world, offering many benefits across industries. Their unique traits like strength, flexibility, and ability to be recycled make them vital.

Advancements in Industry and Tech:

Metals like iron and steel help build structures and transportation systems. Lightweight metals such as aluminum and titanium are changing aerospace and cars.

Powering Electricity and Heat

Copper and aluminum are great at conducting electricity, crucial for wiring and motors. They’re also handy in making cooking tools and cooling systems.

Medical Uses:

Strong metals like stainless steel and titanium are used in surgery tools and implants. Gold and silver, known for their antibacterial properties, are used in various medical treatments.

Economic Value:

Mining and working with metals create jobs and contribute to many countries’ economies. Metal trading is an important part of global financial markets.

Art and Culture:

Metals like gold, silver, and bronze have been used for ages in jewelry, coins, and art, symbolizing wealth and beauty.

Environment and Recycling:

Metals can be recycled, which helps the environment. New methods in mining and processing metals aim to be eco-friendlier.

Research and Progress:

Ongoing research in metals has led to making new alloys with better properties. These developments benefit industries like renewable energy, electronics, and nanotechnology.

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