How To Make Banana in Little Alchemy

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How to Make Banana in Little Alchemy

How To Make Banana in Little Alchemy

Creating a banana in this interesting game involves a few simple steps. By starting with the basic elements (Air, water, fire, and earth) and combining them in various ways, you can create a banana. Below we discuss a straightforward and easy guide to help you achieve this.

There are total 21 steps involved in the process of how to make banana in little alchemy, so let’s start our interesting journey step by step:

Step 1: Fire + Earth = Lava

Step 2: Water + Earth = Mud

Step 3: Fire + Water = Steam

Step 4: Fire + Air = Energy

Step 5: Water + Air = Rain

Step 6: Lava + Air = Stone

Step 7: Rain + Earth = Plant

Step 8: Steam + Air = Cloud

Step 9: Cloud + Air = Sky

Step 10: Stone + Air = Sand

Step 11: Sand + Fire = Glass

Step 12: Sky + Fire = Sun

Step 13: Plant + Mud = Swamp

Step 14: Swamp + Energy = Life

step 15: sand + glass = time

Step 16: Time + Plant = Tree

Step 17: Tree + Tree = Forest

Step 18: Tree + Sun = Fruit

Step 19: Life + Forest = Wild Animal

Step 20: Wild Animal + Tree = Monkey

Step 21: Monkey + Fruit = Banana

Create Other Elements from Banana:

In Little Alchemy, the fun doesn’t end with making a banana. You can use this flexible fruit to make many other exciting things. Below is a detailed list of what you can create from a banana in Little Alchemy, and the combinations to make them. Let your creativity shine, and explore the new things you can discover!

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