How to make a car in little alchemy

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How to Make Car in Little Alchemy

How to make a car in little alchemy

In the magical world of Little Alchemy, where you’re the wizard of your own story, making a car is an exciting adventure. Below we will discuss every step of how to make a car in Little Alchemy, transforming basic elements into the wheels that power your imagination.

Step 1: Water + Air = Rain

Step 2: Rain + Earth = Plant

Step 3: FWater + Earth = Mud

Step 4: Plant + Mud = Swamp

Step 5: Fire + Air = Energy

Step 6: Swamp + Energy = Life

Step 7: Life + Earth = Human

Step 8: Fire + Earth = Lava

Step 9: Lava + Air = Stone

Step 10: Stone + Air = Sand

Step 11: Sand + Fire = Glass

Step 12: Sand + Glass = Time

Step 13: Stone + Fire = Metal

Step 14: Metal + Human = Tool

step 15: Time + Plant = Tree

Step 16: Tree + Tool = Wood

Step 17: Wood + Tool = Wheel

Step 18: Wheel + Metal = Car

Create Other Elements from Car:

Once you’ve successfully crafted a car in Little Alchemy, the fun doesn’t stop there. The car element can be combined with various others to create a range of exciting new elements. Here’s a detailed list of what you can create from a car:

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